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I am a friendly and responsive accountant for self employed and small business owners throughout the UK.

My accounting service is based in Bromley, Kent where many of my local clients, sole traders and small companies, appreciate the fact that they can hand over their records and meet me face to face. However, on a day to day basis, they mainly contact me by phone and email. Even the handover of records is increasingly undertaken electronically. Spreadsheets, accounting files and the use of online - internet based - accounting systems enable me, as their accountant, to prepare annual accounts and tax returns without the need to see paper records.

In reality, with good record keeping and appropriate software, I can provide the same personal and responsive service to anybody working in the UK, not just Bromley residents. That is why I offer an online accounting service for people who want the benefit of working with their own dedicated accountant but who also want to take full advantage of modern web based software.

I am here to help you as your local online accountant.



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